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Living a Didgeridoonas Lifestyle

Lifestyles in Australia are so diverse, but ultimately there is a deep cultural heritage of this magnificent land that beats in every Aussie heart.

This heritage is unique to the red south land, it celebrates mateship, adventure and a soul-seeking desire to see things with our very own eyes.

The outdoors, the outback, the great Australian bush… there is something in the air of Australia that makes life so much more exciting to take in. Camping, fishing and sight-seeing bring Aussies innate excitement and such great satisfaction, it is a part of many Aussie lifestyles.

Although, when it comes down to it, it’s not so much about what Aussies do… it’s about who Aussies are. The value of friendship; sitting around a fire with a good beer or a glass of fine wine wouldn’t be the same without a mate or two by our side. Whether for a good old yarn or for the comfort of a kindred spirit, Australia is the place to make connections; to the land, the outdoors, to freedom, but most of all – to mates.


So, that is where we come in. Didgeridoonas. Your next true blue mate.

We love Australia, we love our heritage, and we’re all about enhancing Aussie experiences to be the best that they can be. Whether you are out camping, going for a stroll in the bush, rounding up cattle, hitting it hard 4×4 driving, fishing for barramundi or just hanging out by the campfire with your mates, Didgeridoonas is here to make your experience a good one.

Put on a Didgeridoonas hat for protection while keeping in touch with Aussie land horse-back.

Keep your drinks cold with our tough, insulated bags and stubbie holders.

Take pride in your stride while wearing our unique Australian outback clothing.

Dress your furry best mate, Doug, in one of our dog coats….after all, “a dog is a man’s best friend”!

The p-AUSSIE-bilities are endless.

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