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Australian Walkabout Drink Bottle Cooler

Hot water is for cleaning; cold water is for refreshment. Australian Walkabout Drink Bottle Cooler made of Australian wool and oilskin will ward off the scorching sun, keeping your drink cool and refreshing for hours. The thick drawstring keeps your bottle nice and secure and seals in the coolness.

The leather and metal clip can attach to saddles, bikes, bags, belts, and more, or even just be a handy handle, so wherever you’re headed your drink is in easy reach.


  • Weatherproof Australian oilskin is tough and long lasting.
  • 100% Australian wool to keep your drink bottle cool for up to six hours.
  • Thick drawstring to keep the cooler snug and the temperature inside.
  • The metal and leather clip lets you keep your drink in easy reach – fasten it to whatever you want, whether that’s a saddle, bike, bag, or belt.
  • Large: 1 – 1.25L bottles. Small: 750ml bottles.

You may be interested to check out Walkabout Essentials.  The two bellows pockets on each side of the bag have room for all kinds of scroggin, compasses, pocket knives, maps, or other walkabout essentials.

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1 review for The Australian Walkabout Drink Bottle Cooler

  1. smithy18772

    Other than the fact it won’t stand up on its own its a great bit of gear I’ve had mine for years now and it has spilt a few drinks when the lid isn’t on but otherwise has been brilliant.

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