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The Australian Picnic Port

Picnics are fabulous, but here in Melbourne you can’t bet on the weather being in your favour. Regardless of the weather, keep your lunch the right temperature.

Picnics! This portmanteau can handle ‘em. The stiff base will keep everything nice and stable, and the tough oilskin will keep it all dry even if the weather is a little bit ‘how’s it going’. The Port is filled with Australian wool that will keep your picnic food the temperature you want.

Hot or cold? No problem. Hot and cold? It can do that too. The bag features an insulated flap that Velcros closed to seal in the cold, and a second removable flap can be placed anywhere in the bag to be an extra layer of insulation, or even separate between warm and cold food.

The final layer of protection is the lid, which flaps over the front and closes with a leather-strap and D-ring system to keep everything inside. Two heavy-duty straps make the bag easily portable.


  • Weatherproof oilskin will keep your picnic dry regardless of the weather.
  • The 100% Australian wool insulation will keep your picnic cool (or warm) regardless of the weather.
  • Sturdy base to keep everything level and stable.
  • Lid closes with a leather strap and D-ring system to keep your picnic inside.
  • Insulated flap seals the cool air in.
  • Separate insulation layer keeps things cooler or warmer for longer or creates a barrier between cool and warm food.
  • Easy to carry with two heavy-duty webbing straps.

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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions29 × 33.5 × 21 cm


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