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Australian Oilskin Long Gaiters

Like alligators, Australian Oilskin Long Gaiters are tough and strong and won’t mind getting a bit of mud and gunk all over them.

Unlike alligators, these gaiters won’t try to eat you, which makes them a better buy, in my opinion.

These ones are made from Australian oilskin. They’re going to last a long time, and in that long time they’ll repel water and keep your boots and legs dry whether you’re hiking through the bush or working on the farm.

They close with press studs and Velcro, so they’re easy to get on and off, but won’t come off unless you want them to. They’re elasticated in the middle and base, and there’s a drawstring on the top, so they’ll cling tight to your leg and stop rain, burs and mud from getting in your boots and pants.


  • Tough and hardy Australian oilskin to protect your legs and feet from rain, mud and debris.
  • One-size-fits-all: with the elastic and drawstring, they’ll protect you regardless of the girth of your legs.

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