They are THE BEST cooler bags!

Jocelyn Nock / Facebook

Best cooler bags, cannot be beaten!

Catherine Scott / Facebook

These are a great product and last forever cheers

Nev List / Facebook

First, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful product. My husband purchased a large cooler bag & Austalian Lunch Box about 14 years ago (while in Australia)and brought it home to me as a gift. I have used both extensively and LOVE them. My family & friends love them as well and always want to know how to get one. I just assumed they were not available here in the USA and unfortunately we have not been back to Australia. The other day I was wondering if your products were still being made and if somehow I could purchase them from Australia. That’s when I found your website. What wonderful additional products you have. And you have a distributer in the US – yea! I will be ordering from them very soon. Love the doggie wear.  Thanks and sorry for the long comment!

Terry Pomeroy

I got the attached item when I was 18, I am now 30. There hasn’t been a single moment in this stubbie holders life of 12 years where it hasn’t been subject to rugged use, water both fresh and salt, extreme heat and cold and more than general wear and tear!  If you ever want a spokesperson or someone with real life experience of your product I would be happy to oblige. Never in my life have I come accross something that is so versitile and well made for its purpose . The only wear that is critical is the wear on the base of the product… small holes from constant slamming down on table or bar!!! . Other than that it still keeps a beer exactly the same temperature from opening to needing another beer.

Darren Whiting

I love your can/stubbie holder & have been given 2 for presents & also bought 2 others myself, so this will be my 5th holder (I’ve lost one & the others have been used with lots of love!).Absolutely love your products. Congratulations on all your great products. I am a proud Didgeridoona supporter.

Sharon McLennan

Hi folks – just wanted to comment that i purchased your backpack 7 years ago and have used it EVERY DAY both at my farm and in the city since then, as my all-rounder bag. Lots of comments over the years from both girls and guys. It has finally given out around the edges, so i’m about to buy another. Just wanted you to know. The quality is excellent.

Kirsten / Mudgee

My Didgeridoona is over ten years old has been to numerous countries and has been a faithful companion on hundreds of rides on my Harley and hunting trips in ?? New Zealand would be lost without it

David Smyth / Facebook

Yes, it’s a great product. I’ve been carrying mine around everywhere I go for over ten years and never thought to ask this question until I was discussing backpacks with a mate. All I can say is that it’s rainproof, bulletproof, versatile, and long-lasting. Most importantly, it’s unmistakably Aussie. It fits in with the dress-code of wherever I am, be it a suit and tie, or board-shorts and thongs. When I say that I’ve toted it everywhere, I mean everywhere. I’m an insulin dependent diabetic, so I have to cart needles, a meter, and food/lollies 24/7. Honestly, I’d feel naked without it.

Phil Higgerson

Just a quick note to let you know that I recently realised that my Digeridoonas wallet was looking a bit old and worn, despite still being fully functional.  I have been really pleased with its performance as it has outlasted all wallets that I have ever owned in my life.  I purchased it at the Melbourne Museum, whilst on holiday 20 years ago.  In retrospect I’m astounded as all of my other wallets have only lasted up to 4 or 5 years.
I’ve just received an identical wallet, which I purchased off your web site.  You can be sure that I’ll be back again in another 20 years!
Thanks for producing a high quality product.

Michael Power / St Leonards

This is the second Didgeridoonas wallet I have brought my hubby. The first lasted about 9 years, so had to get another one!

Jenny Brown / Facebook

I have a Didgeridoonas backpack here in Sweden, which I use on a daily basis. The best bag I’ve ever owned:-)

Hampus Regner

You have a lovely product and must be very proud of them.
I was sent the catalogue with the picnic port that I purchased and that is a Christmas gift for my nephew and I would like to leave that catalogue in the port. As it happens my other niece has purchased the picnic blanket for the same nephew for Christmas and I already have the wine carrier away to go with the port. Lucky fellow isn’t he.
Anyway, to get to the point, if possible could I ask you if you could please post me another of the catalogues, as I think there is good possibilities for future presents for family members there and my husband has nearly read all the print of the one that you sent.

Linda Duncanson