Woollen Dog Coat


How does it go? Water off a dog’s back? That can’t be right… Well, this time it is! This Australian oilskin coat will repel rain; it’ll run off, like (you guessed it) water off a duck. How good’s that? And, with the Australian wool, it’ll keep Doggo warm as well!

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All Measurements in CMs
The size guides are provided as a guide only. All products purchased are final. Should an item not fit the buyer must return at their own cost and in resalable condition, including tags and original packaging
Size Back (length between base of neck and beginning of tail) Girth (Around mid-body)
XXS 30 42-52
XS 37 46-52
S 42 54-64
M 50 60-70
L 56 70-80
XL 67 85-105
XXL 80 100-120