The Iconic Panorama Swag – Enfolding the best of Australian Swag Traditions.

Story Time around the campfire…… Legend has it that we make the best swags in Australia and Australians are renowned for making the best swags. So, we like to think we are the best world-wide!

The famous Panorama swag, a unique Australian icon, with character and pedigree, the true grit of the Australian spirit.A swag with grunt. That is the hallmark of the Panorama swag, made from unique Australian canvas, quality with built in durability, handed down from generation to generation.

The Panorama swag pedigree – a thoroughbred Australian, canvas, mattress, sewing and binding, webbing and buckles, embroidered label, packaging, and freighting.Upholding Australian standards and Australian workforce, keeping our crafts and skills alive and productive.
A Panorama swag is about belonging, being responsible, being free to make choices.That is the Panorama swag tradition, true over time, work or play, all terrain, comfort assured.
For accommodation when going bush there is no finer swag to take with you than the Panorama Outback.On the ground or on the back of your ute, it is an excellent choice of all-purpose swag in the traditional style.
the Outback swag is generously proportioned and equally hard wearing and enduring.It is tough for tough places and conditions, and utterly reliable.

Expertly crafted in Australia from genuine Australian canvas that has been thoroughly proofed for water-repellancy.
For a premium swag with pedigree look no further.

The reasons that underlie the distinctiveness of PANORAMA SWAGS:
• Australian-made canvas
• Crafted right here in Australia
• An enviable colour range
• Extraordinary generous and spacious

Your Swag Canvas Does Matter
Made from genuine Australian canvas, with all the qualities you would want to find in your swag canvas:
1. Waterproofed to keep moisture out and warmth within so when your swag is in contact with the ground you do not get wet.
2. UV stabilised for resistance to harsh outdoor UV rays and premature wearing of the canvas fabric.
3. Rot and mildew resistant against degradation from rot, mildew, and fungicidal attack.
4. Breathable, allowing warm body heat inside the swag to escape outside reducing the possibility of condensation forming and making the inside unpleasantly wet.
Panorama Double Check in rugged Dynaproofed canvas.It does the job, time after time. You simply could not make a better choice.You will not regret it.Long, long after the price tag has been forgotten your Panorama swag will continue to provide you with a satisfying return on your investment.

If its style: well, swags come in four styles – flat, traditional, dome and apex
Each style has its own attributes, so think through what sort of accommodation you want before you make up your mind.
If it is a waterproof canvas sleeping bag, then the flat style of swag would be good for you.
If you want a bit more space or a fast set up, then the Panorama traditional style would be your swag.It comes with or without a flyscreen mesh, so check product details carefully.
If you want room to move about, then the Panorama will be best – available in either full or half flyscreen mesh – the choice is yours. Check specifications carefully before making your final choice.The dome swag style offers more space, but it takes a little longer to set up, not too long, just a little longer.
If you want the ultimate in swag accommodation with cathedral type space and good peripheral vision, then the Panorama apex tent-type swag is for you.This swag style makes the most of the outdoor, an indulgent sense of being part of the environment.See specifications for making the right choice.