Celebrate the men that make the country

Men’s gifts are hard to find. Anywhere. Where do you find something that is practical, hardy, rugged and tough without buying a second-hand Toyota Hilux? It’s a good question. See our answer below!

1. 'Cracking open a cold one with the boys'

The Australian Can Cooler


It does exactly what it says on the tinnie. Chuck in a cold stubbie or can and the 100% Australian wool insides will keep it cold for hours. Clip it to your bag, bike, or belt and you’re good to go!

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Stockman’s Stubbie Holder


 There are no frills or gimmicks to the Stockman’s Stubbie Holder. It’s a stubbie holder. But with its 100% Australian wool it’s still a cut above the rest.

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Can Quiver


Do not throw away your shot! Are you ready? With your Quiver full of beer and your heart full of adventure I’d say you are. With room for six cans and 100% Australian wool insulation, this oilskin Can Quiver can keep your drinks cool for hours, whether you’re going beach or bush or barbecue. Sling it over your shoulder for easy transportation.

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The Quintessential Stubbie Quilt


There’s nothing quite like a quilt on a freezing day. And there’s nothing quite like a freezing stubbie on a warm day. The rugged oilskin Stubbie Quilt is filled with 100% Australian wool, so your stubbie stays nice, snug and cold for hours, even on a warm day.

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The Australian Stubbie Wallet


Sometimes you don’t have pockets. For times when carrying a wallet is impractical and a drink is desirable, keep your cash, cards, keys or other small items in the stubbie wallet. Insulated with 100% Australian wool, it’ll keep your drink cool for hours. Fits stubbies and cans as well as some drink bottles.

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2. An unbreakable cash vault

Didgeridoonas Wallet


Made from weatherproof Australian oilskin and featuring seven card slots and ID slot and two zipped pockets, this waterproof wallet has room for the big bucks.

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Keys, Coins & Coupons


No more searching for your card or coins when you reach the petrol station or drive through – or your keys when you leave the house. Keep them together and keep them safe in this little Australian oilskin wallet.

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Cards and Notes


Who even carries coins these days? Made from Australian oilskin, this waterproof wallet does away with the extra bulk of a zipped coin compartment altogether, and boasts extra card slots instead.

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3. Designer clothing for the manly working man

The York – Mens Classic Vest


When you’re marching up to the top of a hill or marching down again, you’ll want to protect your core temperature. And this’ll do the trick – the combination of waterproof Australian oilskin and warm tartan lining make a vest fit for a grand old duke. Plus, it’s got six pockets, including the two-leather trimmed, corduroy lined hand pockets. Fantastic.

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The Stirling – Mens Classic Jacket


Handsome but rugged—sounds like you, right? Style and function meet here: the Stirling is made from weatherproof Australian oilskin that’ll keep you dry and last a lifetime. The gold and brown tartan will keep you warm and it’s got nine pockets to help carry lots of stuff.

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The Franklin – Full Length Coat


You’re standing on a cattle station, the rain pouring down. Everything is drenched—except you. Frankly, sometimes you need a bit extra protection. From neck to shin, this waterproof, full length, Australian oilskin coat will shield you from the wind and rain. With its high collar, full yoke, warm tartan lining and overlapping front, you’ll be ready to brave the storm.

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The Huxley – 3 Quarter Deluxe Coat


Feel the weight. The warmth. Put your hand inside the leather trimmed pocket and feel the corduroy lining. This Australian oilskin coat will keep you snug and dry, and ready to face a brave new world.

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4. A place to store the beard grooming kit

Toiletry Bag


Use it like a bag or hang it like an organiser: this Toiletry Bag features seven mesh pockets, two nylon pockets and four elastic loops all contained within in the hardy and aesthetic Australian oilskin bag. It is indeed the best friend of the orderly.

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Shaving Tool Box


A rugged toiletry bag perfect for a rugged man. Waterproof, both inside and out (like that man hopefully is).

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The Australian Dilly Bag


Australians have used dilly bags for thousands of years. Ours isn’t made from the traditional pandanus palm, it’s made of oilskin and Teflon coated cotton, which makes it tough yet stylish, and water repellent both inside and out.

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Australian Utility Swag


Rolled or unfurled, hung or laid flat, the Australian Utility Swag is the perfect place to keep the toiletries and other gear you need for your next adventure, wherever that may take you. With its Australian oilskin outer and waterproof lining, it can handle whatever storm or spill comes its way.

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